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19/04/2012 Comments Off

Hope you all had a lovely break with some calm time to relax but hopefully also a lot of productive time for creative work. I’m hoping your client sites are now complete – but I expect that you might still have a few issues to solve, some wrinkles to iron out. So today is dedicated to getting this project ticked off :)

As a reminder – a quick list of some popular tools for site testing, not mentioning those we already use every day,
eg Web Developer Toolbar or Firebug.

Do bear in mind that there are no guarantees or absolutes – use the validation and testing tools but do reserve your own judgement on the results. Quite often you will be pointed towards errors in your code which you can work on, or other aspects you could improve, such as files size. So these checks are useful in any case ;)

RWD-specific tools


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