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… and the prefix debate carries on

15/02/2012 Comments Off

The Vendor Prefix Predicament
ALA’s Eric Meyer Interviews Tantek Çelik

Eric Meyer of A List Apart, CSS wizard and fan of vendor prefixes, interviews Tantek Çelik, Mozilla’s web standards lead, on Mozilla’s controversial plan to support -webkit- prefixed properties. Tantek precipitated the current crisis in Web Standards Land during a public meeting of the W3C CSS Working Group, in which he noted the predominance of WebKit-only mobile sites, thereby creating a browser monoculture. Tantek discussed Mozilla’s solution — having Firefox Mobile pretend to be like Webkit and support a few -webkit- CSS properties — which inflamed many in the standards community, especially when representatives from Opera and Microsoft immediately agreed about the problem and announced similar plans to Mozilla’s. The following discussion was conducted via EtherPad, instant messaging, e-mail, and telephone calls. – Ed.

And taking the debate further – there is an interesting article by Alex Russell (@slightlylate) you should read: Misdirection

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