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Archive for February 2011

using Google forms

03/02/2011 Comments Off

no good website should be without a useful means of contact – however appropriate. Using a form to allow visitors to quickly, easily and safely get in touch has become a standard feature. Have a look at the markup of forms and the respective form fields but as time is pressing – this session will focus on showing you how to use Google forms, instead of creating your own form.
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CSS Edit :-)

03/02/2011 Comments Off

Time to speed up our coding ~ and get into a faster workflow :) Let me introduce you to this wonderful little app which will give you a helping hand and please read more on my blog:
CSS Edit – a coder’s joy :)

CSS Edit is a code editor, for Mac, specifically design for working with CSS. It has a lot of very useful features and will speed up your coding in no time ;) The ability to preview changes instantly as well as being able to validate your code within the app is very handy and will soon make your life a lot easier.

For the PC – the closest equivalent I know of is Rapid CSS. If you come across any others – please do share your findings here.

browser choices

01/02/2011 3 Comments

Now that you will soon be presenting your design proposals to your client – bear in mind the terminology you use and try to get an idea of their understanding of the web and related topics. Never assume anything but be mindful of the technical nature of this project. It will be good to inform your clients about the choices of browsers and advise them on the advantages of our modern browsers.
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